Earth-Moving Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment is an essential part of any construction job and earth-moving is a large part of it. There is a wide range of materials that need both excavating and transporting so you need a multipurpose machine. There is even new technology which provides a remote control for heavy equipment, turning heavy machinery into remote controlled machines.

While they mostly are designed to have multiple functions, some machines will be more suitable for your requirements than others. Picking the right one will make it a valued asset on any site.


They are large construction equipment that has a long bucket arm and a pivoting cab. The operator sits in the cab and can rotate it 360 degrees giving it great access to the areas that need work.

An excavator is highly versatile and can be fitted with special attachments if required. This means you can use it for a variety of purposes and is a highly useful piece of machinery to invest in.

Backhoe Loaders

These have a similar body to a tractor, but they have a shovel in the front and a bucket on the back for digging. They are medium-sized construction equipment which is capable of working in limited space.

The multipurpose aspect of their design allows them to move dirt, backfill, dig holes and place material. It is also wheel-driven so they can be used in urban areas and even driven to the job site.

These factors make the backhoe loader one of the most common and versatile pieces of construction equipment. It would be highly unusual to visit a building site without one.


These are the strongest and considered the most reliable heavy equipment used in the construction industry. It is powerful and extremely heavy which allows it to move dirt along large areas of land.

They have a large, wide, flat blade that has a limited range of angles and depth. Bulldozers are normally used to push piles of earth, but can also be used for crushing and other functions.

Skid-Steer Loaders

These are another one of the most versatile machines in the construction industry. They are small, maneuverable and can turn like a tank

They are ideal in confined spaces as they turn within their footprint. The skid-steer loader is also a great vehicle as they are wheel-driver, which means they have great traction, but also can be trusted on site when construction is finished.

Their wheels minimize soil compaction and don’t damage the areas they drive on. They also come in different sizes and attachments.

This means they can dig, drill, compact, and grapple logs, just to mention a few.

Crawler Loader

This machine is a cross between an excavator and a backhoe with excellent stability. It has a versatile bucket that is great for moving rubble and loading material onto trucks.

They are used for small scale excavation, however, are not suitable for larger projects. In this case, you would use a hydraulic excavator, which can handle bigger tasks.

Dump Truck

These are a large job essential and are found on all job sites. They aren’t versatile, but an essential of moving and dumping heavy material.

As they are road-ready, you can drive them to where they are needed and there is a range of capacities.