Welcome to my web site; I have been designing golf courses in the Midwest (and some far-flung areas) since 1969, and this site is about these courses, my background and design philosophy. There's also a whole bunch of links to interesting sites, both golf related and some of my personal faves.

With the no-fun aspect of air travel these days, I am restricting my work to consulting on existing courses and new projects.

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Click here to see aerial photographs of some of my courses.

Here's a quick look at some of my courses

Ron Kern, my son, is a Golf Course Architect working out of his home town of Carmel, Indiana. Learn about Ron and check out the courses he's designed such as Purgatory Golf Club (which has been rated in the top 100 public access courses in the United States by Golf Digest Magazine) at his page on this site. and also at his web site.

Found some old articles:
The Grill Room
Kerning the Course
No place like home
Cover story from (Post-Dispatch) St. Louis magazine

Check out my opinion of the effect of modern equipment on the game as reflected in driving distance on the PGA Tour.

Came across this while surfing the web a while back, had not heard about it before - as Arte Johnson said, "Verrry Interesting"...

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